By: Solomon Ighallo


[A book focused on the behavioral human & his environment]
Nature; a realistic view of everything living and non.
I have chose to write about the fundamental approach and prospects to the realities and mystical findings of life(nature).
Let’s take science for example;
All living things have life, can move (locomotion), respire (breath), reproduce, feed, excrete, disperse and probably some have gone extinct (e.g. dinosaurs), according to biological sciences.
My focus here is the importance of living things as a composite of nature.
I am a living writing-soul [my hands are undergoing friction as I write].
Let’s talk about animals now, be it domestic, aquatic, terrestrial, wild, friendly or tame.
Human is superior to nature..
He is a factor of what happens around him (niche)
He is the father of the dogs, rams, aves, elephants, even the reptiles and other extinct animals. Man has a domicile approach to the way insects, dogs and other animals moves around him.
The insect, one way or other is a benefiting factor to man. Take for example; the tilling of the soil by termites.
A lizard-keeper can as well feed his salamanders of a plate full of insects..
Meanwhile, all that beneficiary could be despicable or harm-causing you know…  This is often why man do much harm to these insects by biological or chemical means.

But the question here is; should all living things be eradicated just like the harm causing insects?
How about the gracious work of a butterfly on flowers during pollination process?
How about the cow, a farm animal economically productive in beef and diary products ?
*’Nature is of benefiting factor and sometimes of eliminating factor’.  This is why NATURE is a composite of the mystical realistic view of the good and the bad”

(Based on the instinctive of thoughts of the world of living & mystical realities evolving around the writer)

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